Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Transcendence Diaries Have Moved

         Uh oh! Why don't I see any new posts here? Could it be true? Has Ed Hale finally permanently transformed into Fishy and stopped writing as he's always rumored to one day do just before he disappears forever? Well as it turns out, not quite yet.
        So do not despair. In fact, rejoice! The latest greatest iteration of your favorite underground blog, The Transcendence Diaries, version 6.0, has been completely updated revamped and reformatted and is now being hosted HERE. In fact, it's the same address as you've no doubt become very accustomed to visiting. You've probably just arrived here through a technical error. So if you've come to this site by mistake and are surprised to not see anything new, don't fret. The Ambassador is still plugging away as always. You just got off at the wrong stop. Click here and you'll be good to go. And from this point on, THIS is the new site for all the latest from yours truly. Cool?
Peace and Love,
The Ambassador

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