Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Infinito speaks his mind...

Infinito sends this to me:
please add this to the Transcendence Diaries 10/25/06

"ok so I walk in today to the cafeteria at work and the colombian chick who takes my order is wearing the black Superhero Girl t-shirt!
Stunned, I ask where she got it and she said she used to work at UPS and a friend called Dennis gave to her. People ask her all the time where she got and she says "no idea". So I explain to her about Transcendence and where to get them, etc......Hopefully she'll check it out and listen and become enlightened. Hopefully she can help generate sales.

Small world...

Big coincidences...

Have to tell Fishy. He's bummed about not calling him on his birthday.
Maybe this story will cheer him up. I left him a nice message.

Heard the wav files of the latest mixes on the AYBV album. Only a handful of the production errors I noted were corrected. Oh well, at least I tried and spoke my mind. I know its a budget thing, but the next Transcendence album should be done elsewhere. Different studio, vibe, producer... I dunno, maybe that's why Nothing is cohesive is such a different album, because it was produced in a different setting. If only Fishy could get carte blanche status in a NY studio. The vibe, the city emits is fantastic.

Current Spin:
Johnny Cash : Live at Folsom
Zepp: How The West Was Won"