Friday, September 25, 2009

Iran Continues to be Attacked by Imperialist Powers of the West During G20

CNN the most rusted name in fake-news reported today that the United States, France and Britain have presented "detailed evidence" to the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog that "Iran has been building a covert uranium enrichment facility," President Obama said Friday before the start of the G-20 economic summit here."

What's ironic of course about this sudden announcement is that those same three countries -- in a covert CIA-led coup d'etat never reported by Western media but largely known about now after the fact -- invaded and then ousted Iran's democratically elected president, Mosaddeq, in 1953 after they became a democracy in the early nineteen-fifties. Those same three countries then installed 'the Shah' as a puppet leader against the people's will and split Iran's oil up three ways for themselves, paying the Iranians pennies a barrel for it for nearly thirty years; they called their new "company" British Petroleum, or BP - you might have heard of it. This led of course to the extreme 'Islamic revolution' of 1979. (Religious fervor as the powers that be would have dumbed-down TV guzzlers believe had nothing to do with the American Embassy hostage "crisis," but rather thirty years of rage and frustration over imperialist domination and their oil being stolen from them.)

Next up came the eight year US-led Iran-Iraq war where the Reagan administration funded a young CIA operative named Saddam Hussein, giving him millions of dollars and chemical and biological weapons to use against the Iranian people, where over 20 million of them died. And then when Iraq proved unable to defeat the strongly proud and patriotic Iranians, Reagan decided to play both sides against the other in the infamous Iran-Contra Affair and started illegally selling weapons of mass destruction to Iran as well, thinking one assumes that if both countries destroy each other in the process with US money and weapons that the US and Britain could walk right in and grab at all the oil in the region. Of course the plan didn't work. The United States added yet another fallen hero to its shelf of publicly shamed and sham presidents. Iran and Iraq eventually called a truce.

The Iranian people sit at a crossroads now. Their first Democratic Revolution of 1950 didn't work because the Great Britain wouldn't allow it. They needed Iranian oil too badly to win World War I, so they installed Shah number one and forced the Iranian people into totalitarian monarch rule. Their second democratic revolution of 1950 didn't work because the United States and Britain wouldn't allow it due to still wanting all their oil. And now unhappy with their third 'Islamic Revolution, they need help, but can't trust the largest alleged democracies in the world due to past deceit and abuses; so they fight, or sit as many do out of fear and rightly so, helplessly alone not sure of what to do. It is obvious to anyone who visits Iran, as I did in 2008, that the people there are no different than any other country, West or East. They dress the same, look the same, act the same, and want to be LED democratically, not RULED by an Islamic dictatorship. They just don't know how to make it happen, and don't know who to trust.

One thing is for sure, anything that the United States, Great Britain, or France "say" about Iran is probably no more credible or legitimate than their BP corporation was when it was first formed. So they know they can't trust these countries. But at the same time, they don't want to continue to be led astray by their current government. Another thing is also obvious when one is so closely associated with Iran's people as we now are at the non-profit, and that is this: the Iranian people do not hate America, nor do they harbor any negative feelings toward American people. In fact, they are rather awe struck by Americans and love their art and entertainment. Most Iranians are too young to remember the past abuses levied upon them by the United States. (Iran has the youngest population out of any country in the civilized world today.)

The most blatant disregard for 'truth' and respect if one is still hoping for an ounce of it to come out of Washington or mainstream media about this whole charade is that the same countries that are demanding that Iran "not be allowed" to make nuclear weapons all currently have, make, and sell for profit nuclear weapons themselves. An irony that is not lost on Iran - a deeply intelligent, insightful and wise country that was once the largest empire on planet earth known as Persia. Newly selected Bilderberg Group Managing Director, better known to most as "President Obama" is being forced by his bosses to go public and mandate "rules" to the country of Iran regarding their nuclear program, a preposterous notion given that Iran, just like the United States, is a sovereign nation of planet earth and doesn't have any 'rules' to follow. (Isn't that precisely what then-select GW Bush said when he broke every "rule" in the "rulebook" and even international law when he illegally invaded the country of Iraq?)

What Iran might be prone to do though is FOLLOW the United State's lead... should they ever decide to lead again and disarm themselves. Obama is a smart man. He knows this. He just can't say it out loud, not in public. He might get fired. The same way JFK was fired. In other words, he takes his orders and shouts about Iran every few weeks to keep the powers that be happy without once mentioning that the US is the largest owner and profiteer of nuclear weapons in the world. Sad. Funny. Ironic. Twisted. Truth is that way sometimes.

To the country of Iran/Persia, with a five-thousand year history and a claim to being the longest running and greatest kingdom on earth for hundreds of years, the United States -- with its crumbling economy and long-ago eroded democracy -- must seem like the tail that's still trying to do the barking. Iranians are known for their patience and their skill in poetic diplomacy. While the US sits around complaining and name-calling over the last few years, Iran quietly walked into recently 'liberated' Iraq and discreetly took over that country's fragile government in less than a day, turning it Shia overnight. The embarrassed United States is of course in a tizzy as it has over one-hundred and twenty thousand troops stationed there fighting to maintain stability in a country now being controlled by none other than the Iranian government. One reason possibly why the United States seems so hellbent on continuously publicly attacking Iran, rather than sitting down to diplomatic talks with them, an option that every country in the free world, even the US itself, knows that they will eventually have to do if they are going to get anywhere with either country; or with any other Middle Eastern country at this point. Iran is still one of the most respected countries in the entire region, being the only one bold enough to continue to not take United States bribe money like Turkey or Pakistan AND speak the truth about what is actually happening to them.

And yes, they still send their presidents and other government leaders to the United States to speak and invite Americans to come there as well, an honor that I partook in personally. Again and again they implore the United States to shut down its tail-barking, grow up, forgive the inequities of the past, and come to the diplomatic side of the fence to talk. The US continues to refuse. And in the process continues to lose respect in the international community. Twentieth century politics don't work in the twenty-first century world of today. The United States is going to eventually have to sit down and start acting like a leader of the free world, and not its wanna-be ruler.

If one wants to learn more, simply google any of the keywords here. There is nothing here that is not common knowledge or easily obtainable. But most importantly head to to join up for free and stay in touch with world news about Iran/US relations which tends to be much less biased and more honest than White House-dictated US news.

God bless the United States. I have feeling we're going to need it.

Yours patriotically,