Monday, September 02, 2013

Syria: Another Piece of the Puzzle Coming Together

It took a while. Getting to the truth isn't a simple one off affair. We usually cannot get there sitting in front of the tube listening to what employees of giant corporatocracies have been ordered to report or recite, i.e. newscasters, anchormen, et al. One can say the same about mainstream magazines and newspapers as well, though print journalism usually comes the closest to revealing some truth about most subjects compared to any other form of MSM (mainstream media).

When US Secretary of State John Kerry and president Barack Obama appeared on international television vehemently announcing their grand plan to take military action against Syria we all got the feeling we'd seen this before. And in fact we had. This time the reasoning was "The leader used chemical weapons on his own people." Neither of them bothered to mention that it was the US who originally sold the chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein that led to his manhunt and execution by public hanging; nor the millions of pounds of Napalm that the US military dropped all over the countries of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Still, there was something quite odd about how the whole thing went down this time. Usually a US president becomes very resolute when he's ordered to invade another country. They make their case and hop to it, as the above photo collage illustrates. Obama the man campaigned as a peace making presidential candidate. He quickly erased all hopes of that hollow rhetoric when it was discovered that he had quickly risen to be the all time world record holder for ordering targeted assassinations using drone strikes. He comes off cool and laidback, plays basketball, hangs with celebrities and rappers, smokes ciggies, admits to being a pothead in college. But from nine to five he's one of the most calculated and ruthless killers the White House has ever been home to. His assassination of Al Awlaki AND his young son (on separate occasions), both being American citizens, without due process or trial, was an unprecedented event in American history.

Now he's announced he's after Syria, just as he went after Libya and Qaddafi and his predecessor went after Iraq and Afghanistan. The American people were warned of this plan years ago by General Wesley Clark [see video footage here], that as far back as '2001 the United States had already drafted a list that contained a total of 7 countries in the Middle East that it was planning on invading and taking over. Syria was one. Iran will be next.

Because of the strange way that the tag team of Kerry/Obama handled this latest invasion announcement I felt the need to spend some time researching the events led up to it. There was much that did not make sense. Why would a US president make the announcement publicly and ruin the element of surprise? Why did he renege on his tough talk in the final hour and pass the ball to the US Congress but without even calling them in for an emergency session when this was such a "vital matter of national security" as they'd been stating? The British did. And they quickly voted to have no part in this latest American coup lucky them. What of that? How could Obama or Kerry or anyone on earth with half a brain not clearly see that invading Syria when the rebels their government are fighting are comprised of Al Quaeda and other Muslim extremists groups would cause even more uncertainty and chaos in that region and just might be the worst thing for America that could transpire out of all possible outcomes? Or that attacking Syria in any way will certainly involve killing hundreds of innocent civilians there and if anything cause a unification of the Sunnis and Shiites by reminding them of their traditionally vitriolic disdain for America?

For the last few weeks I set about researching the facts and rumors to get a better understanding of what was really happening. CNN MSNBC and FOX News are the three primary 24 hour news sources in the United States at this time, for the record. None are real news services. Unfortunately not even close. Glamorized mouthpieces for various large corporate/banking/government cartels, each with their own slightly different agenda. None try very hard to disguise this fact at the time of this writing. So regardless of how many hours they need to fill all three networks repeat the same two to three bites of data over and over again ad nauseum, offering nothing new or insightful and usually not even coming close to reporting any actual truth or facts about these kinds of events. It's as horribly frustrating as it is frightening if you're the least bit educated or knowledgable about world affairs or well traveled. For the time being we've the internet and plenty of sources outside the US to gain access to actual news and facts.

There are stories leaking out now from several sources about a visit to Tehran from several US diplomats to discuss the Syrian issue. This would explain the delay between when Kerry announced the plans to invade Syria and their next press conference nearly a week later. Evidently these meetings did not go well and despite their best efforts the US could not get Iran to agree to even a small military strike to at least save the face if the US president after all his chest beating. [Google it]. Personally I find this particular story hard to take in given the tough talk from Washington re Iran over the last few years AND the crippling sanctions they've foisted upon this nation and its people. But being more in the know than many about Iran I am aware of many such meetings between the US and Iran trough the years that have never made it to American mainstream media. That's the key to understanding geopolitical affairs especially regarding. The United States. What's really going on almost never gets reported on. What does get reported is usually a smokescreen or what is commonly referred to as a false flag operation. One can usually determine what is NOT truly important by simply paying attention to whatever the mainstream media is talking about.

They're either the last to know OR they're simply following orders and are deliberately not reporting what's really happening. I don't pretend to know which is fact. We just know at this time that they almost never report on or discuss anything remotely important or factual compared to the behind the scenes. Whether a full on conspiracy as some people suggest or just ignorance of the facts I cannot yet conclude.

Last week several global media outlets began reporting that Saudi go-to henchman Prince Bandar (read the book Sleeping With The Devil to learn about him and how important and involved he is in American geopolicital affairs and foreign policy) was actually the person who supplied re chemical weapons to Syria -- a gift from the Saudi so called royal family -- to the REBELS and it was THEY who actually used them, albeit unknowingly. A buddy of mine from the music scene, the Lone Ranger, one of the greatest singer songwriters of our time, or any for that matter, is a big Obama fan, God love him. His ignorance regarding world affairs belies his utter brilliance as a songsmith. He posted something to social media yesterday that was so innocently pro-Obama, touting his claim that he will wait for the US Congress to make the decision about whether or not to invade Syria or not, that you couldn't help but smile, the way you do when you see your child take their first step or splash food all over the kitchen. I mean it was just cute at best. But then others began posting comments and links to his post that were more founded in reality. Much to his chagrin and dismay but hopefully elucidating for him at some point as well.

I posted the same articles yesterday and the day before about the leaks coming out that it was the rebels who actually used the chemical weapons. I'm glad this story is spreading. It appears as sad as it is for all of us that this was yet another Saudi/American false flag operation to further their agenda started with 9/11. Bandar supplied the necessary "problem" the Saudi/American cartel wanted to trigger the "reaction - solution" portion of the equation. I.e. "Assad used chemical weapons and we now need to take military action against Syria." Surprise surprise.

Of course no one was counting on this inconvenient truth being discovered. Even though Assad himself told TIME magazine last week "it would defy elementary logic for us to use chemical weapons in an area where we have a heavy concentration of our own troops." The white House believes the American people will fall for this story even thus. So it turns out the rebels actually used them but didn't know what they were. Now we are forced to acknowledge that the US president and company know this fact and they r just following orders just as Bush and company did. Especially since General Wesley Clark revealed to us that Syria was on that initial invade and coup list along with Iraq Libya Iran and others. what about Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan? All countries where Obama's United States is currently waging war.

What seemed like whacky conspiracy speak ten years ago is now happening right before our eyes just as the General said it would. As quaint and precious as The Lone Ranger and others are in their desire to see things thru patriotic high school textbook viewpoints, there is simply no way we can return to those naive eyes any longer. This was all planned. Unfortunately the reasons we now know and there doesn't seem there is anything we can do about it but prepare for at least two more wars; Syria and Iran. Iran of course is already being terrorized by America through a brutal economic terrorism. The US will use Israel and the nuclear excuse to finish them off. What then? Only those heartless war mongers in Washington know.

When all is said and done history will show that the United States and its allies primarily the Saudi royal family and Israel will have manufactured excuses or reasons to invade 5 to 7 countries over the course of a 15 year period. That's if they're successful in this grand scheme of theirs. A desire to rule the world doesn't necessarily guarantee its success. History has shown us that time and time again.

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